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I am a 67 year-old grandmother living on Vancouver Island. I have crocheted, cross-stitched and rug hooked, but I always had yarn on needles. Recently knitting has become my primary hobby!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Second Sock

Why do we find the second sock a problem sometimes? I have thought of knitting two at a time with the ? loop method, but I really enjoy knitting socks on 4 to 5 dpns from the top down. Perhaps this is because I was taught this way and knitted socks that way for over 45 years! It is relaxing and I am not in a hurry to end the process. I don't think there is only one hand knitted sock made by me around anywhere, except for a pair I knit for a boyfriend in 1958 and I broke up with him before I knit the second sock. No loss on the boyfriend and so no loss on the sock!! It was a Fair Isle sock in a deep blue with white snowflakes! All I can remember was that his name was Paul and he was tall with large feet! I did marry a tall man with large feet (NOT Paul), but for him the extra knitting is no problem! However, I do not knit him sweaters anymore, as he is just too warm to ever want to wear them!

Anyway, I completed the first sock of Eleanora - it has a different colour toe for the last four rows, but I remember that when I did the provisional cast on it did not work at first, and so I tossed (a good lesson learned - I will hang on to every scrap of yarn - even if it is only 3 inches long - until a project is complete) that bit of yarn! Foolish woman, what was I thinking! Let's be honest, I was not thinking! Anyway, I am hoping that when this second sock is complete that there will be enough left over yarn from the second ball to go back and knit the first toe in the original colour! Sometimes lessons in life are more costly than this one, but the lessons hard learned are never forgotten - well almost never forgotten!

When I knit socks, I usually cast on the second one immediately the first one is completed, but this time something got in the way, so Eleanora number 2 has been waiting. If the original Eleanora de Toledo were alive, she would not be amused. I read a few things on her, and she was not a lady you would want to cross! With all the Eleanora socks being knit just now, she may be busy enjoying them and not notice that #2 is not moving along as quickly as #1!!

CeCe - Here she is pre-blocking and with her button just sitting there waiting to be sewn on. Knitting lace is a lot like trying to make a silk purse or shawl or sweater out of a pile of noodles! Lace can be very discouraging pre-blocking! All lace patterns should come with this warning! It will look 200 times better once you carefully block it!

CeCe is now drying and I will include a photo of her in her glory in the next blog! She is off to Oklahoma City in about two weeks. It is very warm there, as any of you who live in the South could tell me, but my DIL said that sometimes in stores and restaurants the air conditioning is very cool, so this little sweater will cover the top of the bare arms! She will get to go to many a shop while on her first trip away!

Have you ever read in bed while your sweety was sleeping beside you. If you have not read Yarn Harlot's second book, please buy it, borrow it or get it from the library. As he lay sleeping last night, I was reading about her adventures with the fleece and yarn stealing grey squirrel in her back yard, and I was shaking all over and trying not to laugh out loud, it is just too funny!! She certainly has a sense of humour and I love some of her little sayings, such as, "Pay cash and don't leave a paper trail!"

I am off on a day trip tomorrow for about four hours of wonderful knitting time. Eleanora should move along and I have taken a wee baby hat from Susan's pattern just in case Eleanora gets difficult to knit and my hands need a break!We are off to see some vineyards on the southern end of Vancouver Island. Might bring home a bottle to enjoy with tomorrow's dinner! Also a nice bottle to toast Queen Victoria's birthday, which we celebrate here in Canada this coming Monday! Here's to you, Victoria! Another lady who is not easily amused! What is it with these royal personages?


Blogger Brenda said...

Have a great trip Peg. CeCe looks great, I'll be casting on for mine real soon.


9:21 PM  
Blogger All the Way With Knitting said...

Have a great trip Peg..we don't yet have a digital camera so I shall take a photo in the normal way later and post it ..it is so big I had it on my side of the bed yesterday as it is very wet and chilly here.You celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday?! We wonder if you have Victoria Sponge cake !

11:25 PM  
Blogger lene said...

Enjoy your trip!

Cece will be beautiful!

PS. I think the cat purring and the wheel turning make somehow a similar sound and that must be the reason why they are both described with a verb kehrätä in Finnish.

2:58 AM  
Blogger margene said...

CeCe is finished!!? I haven't touched mine as I've been enjoying the second sock;-) I want to wear my socks so never have SSS.

5:14 AM  
Blogger All the Way With Knitting said...

I rather want to believe Lene is Miss B ..isn't she adorable ? I have sock envy now as I can't knit those either. My 16 yr old daughter can do lots of things I can't so she is now making me a shawl .She is not so keen on my knitting now as I don't like to knit plain and she likes very 1950's clothes.I could be described as an old hippy .I hope to design a rose shawl and somehow incorporate some of my new beads.I am most inspired when my roses bloom but it is so cold here I think they will be late.angie

11:21 PM  

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