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Friday, April 06, 2007

Sitcom Chic - completed with a few laughs!!

I was lucky enough to 'win' this blue denim cotton from Jo on ebay. That was my first ever purchase on ebay, and I am afeared I might get caught up in the crazy bidding, etc. so I am now sticking to my knitting, as they say.

The yarn has a real slub to it and I tried a lacy pattern, but this was not going to work. I had printed out Sitcom Chic from Knitty many months ago, as I liked the simplicity of it and that is what this yarn needed.

The sweater is knit from the bottom up, sleeves knit on dpns, all joined and then you knit to the neck. I will change some things on this pattern the next time I knit it, as I like the design and it is very adaptable. The pattern called for 3/4 sleeves, but I wanted long sleeves - an easy fix. You picked up stitches on the fronts and neck, and I would do something else in this area - probably three or so garter stitches at the front of each side, and then work the button hole at the pattern detail. I might do an I-cord finish for the neck.

It is a sweater with lots of possibilities. you could knit a pattern of stitches, or even some colour work at the bottom and up the fronts. There could be a bit of pattern at the sleeve cuffs. The next sweater will be all knit on the same size needle and I would do some garter stitch or seed stitch for the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves. I find in the cotton that the ribbing (even though it is only 3 rows) knit on a smaller needle does not lie flat. In another yarn, this would probably not be a problem. I think this sweater will be given a good wash from time to time, tossed in the dryer for a few moments, and then put flat to try. I think it will lose its shape easily, which is probably from the fact it is 100% cotton! I love the sweater and can easily deal with these little problems.

Today I finally finished the back and both fronts of the Cul de Sac vest and it is now blocking. When it is dry, which won't take long, as I put the pieces fronts down on a towel, pin and then mist well, I will sew the shoulder seams. You leave the cable stitches up the front live and then knit around to join them at the back of the neck. Now with - well, never mind, you probably would look forward to this picking up of stitches as much as I do!! You also need to pick up stitches about the arm openings. I am ready to part company with this vest, so it is probably for the best that summer is coming and Cul de Sac can rest safely in a drawer and by fall/winter I will love it again!!

I am going to have to make a large side seam in Cul de Sac. I was afraid that if I made the 39" bust it would be too snug. The next size is a bit too large, but I will see how it looks when sewn up and some nice buttons are applied!


Blogger LaurieM said...

Oh dear! What an unfortunate format for your first picture of that sweater. Kinda funny too.

BTW - you look great when I click the link to see the picture. Another fantastic wearable sweater! Good for you. :-)

5:03 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

lovely! Your hair is getting so long!

5:11 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Peg, love the cardi, I saw this over at Kelly, Hedgehog blog, not too long ago which sent me straight to Knitty for the pattern! I'm glad to see another one all knit up and for the information.
Have a good weekend!

3:27 AM  
Blogger Margene said...

Isn't it a great pattern? You did a great job and it looks marvelous on you.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Sitcom turned out beautifully, Peg! I'm so pleased you found exactly the right project for that denim slub.

The very best of luck with the picking up on the Celtic Vest. It's something I don't want to remember... and in fact I haven't revisited the CV since, although all it needs now are buttons. Some scars take a long time to heal...

11:06 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Peg: Love the Sitcom Chic. I have had that o my list of things to knit for ages. Just haven't gotten to it yet!

The Denim Cotton will make it a great all year sweater for our weather.

11:06 AM  

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