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I am a 67 year-old grandmother living on Vancouver Island. I have crocheted, cross-stitched and rug hooked, but I always had yarn on needles. Recently knitting has become my primary hobby!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Quiet, Warm, Beautiful Saturday evening!

This is the sky last evening, as it is now Sunday. I put in the top of the weeping birch across the street from my house. Isn't that a beautiful blue?

I came here to check the knitting blogs. I had a couple of glasses of wine with my dinner (my DH enjoyed the meal with me) and now I don't feel like knitting as much as I feel like sitting and chatting!

I did go out and take a picture of our beautiful BC (British Columbia) sky and when my DH gets it on the computer, I will show it and try to win yarn from Sandy and her Saturday Sky watch! I must also learn how to put the Saturday Sky button on the side of my blog!

Today I got Yarn Harlot's latest book from the library. I want to peruse it first and then see if I want it in my knitting library. I find books to be a bit expensive, so I try hard to only have books that I really love there and I have borrowed a few, but did not feel the need to have them live with me. I did buy Erica Knight's book 'simple knits for cherished babies'. There is a delightful teddy bear in the book made from Cashmere. To die for, as they say! A little girl should have the Traditional Mabel Dress. I love baby projects!

I bought a 2 ounce ball of 2 ply sport weight aplaca from a gal in Oklahoma City and I hope to make a small bear as a souvenir of my trip! The pattern calls for 50g of 4 ply yarn and I must get my thinking cap on to see if I could squeak a little bear out of my small hank of yarn. There are 91 yards of the Alpaca and I want to give it a try - I love small souvenirs like this from a trip! The yarn company in Oklahoma City is called Awesome Acres and they also mix 'paca yarn with fleece from the Great Pyrennes dogs. Wouldn't that be soft?!Anyone reading this blog with suggestions of how I could get a small bear out of 91 yards of 2 play sport weight - suggestion of needle size, etc. - would be appreciated! By my estimate, I have 56 grams of yarn! I think I should quit this cyphering while I feel ahead. The dinner, wine, coffee and sunshine are all working against me!

It is now Sunday and I have the Saturday sky photo ready. The sky today will be the same clear blue. Today is a bit sad here, as our daughter and her family will have their last family dinner with us before they leave for four years in Germany on the 29th of this month. I am so pleased for them. Our grandaughters are 16 and 13, so they will really enjoy all they see and learn in Europe. I am pleased for our DD and SIL too. Now we have another nice spot to visit. The time will go so quickly. Our son and DIL left for Oklahoma two years ago and now they only have two years of a four year tour left. They are planning to retire here, so I am one lucky gal.

I am in the process of knitting Picchu Picchu as I have mentioned before, so here is a photo of the progress. I tried to put it on two circular needles, but dropping stitches was part of the process, so the back with the two sleeves looks strange. The sleeves look like fallopian tubes!! I have included the button that I plan to use with the sweater. My DIL helped me to choose it and I think it is perfect. I planned to go with a smaller button, but she was right - this is a button that makes a statement! The button is more of a caramel and black colour than shows in the photo. Black does not photo well!

I hope my ramblings do not feel as disjointed as I feel at the moment. I started it last evening and finished it this morning! I am now on my way to sit outside, listen to 'The Garden of Good and Evil' on my MP3 player. What a way to spend a beautiful morning in my garden doing the two things I love - knitting and 'reading'. Actually, there are more things I love, but two of them at a time is pretty nice!


Blogger All the Way With Knitting said...

Holly knits miniatures ( so far Badgers,a Fox and some Squirrels) so I'll pop a couple on my site soon .She makes up the patterns so it's in her head .There are several miniature sites you might try Peg..just type that word in and you might find a free pattern .Somewhere in the cupboard I have some Debbie Bliss toy books so I'll have a browse later.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Sandysknitting said...

A beautiful sky, indeed, Peg! Thanks for joining in! I will look forward to more of your Saturday Sky!

1:15 PM  
Blogger margene said...

Enjoy your last day with the children around. Your knitting is looking great and the blue sky is clearer than mine!

2:20 PM  

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