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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sky! - the last one for September 2006

This is a beautiful sky photo from 6:30 this morning, but now it is 3:30 pm and we have had sunshine and now it is cloudy. After all, it is fall, but I want sunny skies every day and all day!!

I just had to take a break. We are having folks in to dinner tonight and I made a smoked cod chowder. It tasted delicious, and I was sure that I had turned off the heat - NOT SO!! Now it is curdled and I am not sure if I can save it! It may go in the fridge for J and me, but what to do. I have to come up with a quick soup! I do have an Irish Soda Bread in the oven, so that is a start. I make this bread often, but having spent time with Jo, it has taken on a new meaning. I was told many years ago by my Mom that a gal should know how to make good biscuits and quick breads, as they would always come in handy if unexpected guests arrived!!

I got an Irish Soda Bread Cookies from Knitting Iris.
I made up a batch, just in case Jo and R had time to come to my house and have a cup of tea or a meal - next time. Go to Iris's blog and see the beautiful fall colour!

Now, back to the kitchen to dream up a soup!! Cream of Tomatoe, perhaps or Pumpkin!


Blogger Rain said...

What a lovely sky pic.

shame about the fish, but I'm sure teh soup will be lovely.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Marianne said...

How about some Butternut squash soup?

7:39 AM  

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