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I am a 67 year-old grandmother living on Vancouver Island. I have crocheted, cross-stitched and rug hooked, but I always had yarn on needles. Recently knitting has become my primary hobby!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday Sky and How Would You Feel If Your Knitting Turned Up at the Local Thrift Store!

This is our sky today. The pictures were taken early and I wanted you to see the blossoms of the Cardoon plant! We are enjoying a beautiful August day and the heat of summer is gone to be replaced with nice warm days, nice breezes and cool nights.

They were talking on the radio today about the "Dog Days" of Summer and I looked at our two Cairn Terrorists and told them they must be talking about the days of summer when dogs cannot go in the car while we are running errands, as it is just too warm for them and so they must stay home. The pitiful looks and soft whimpers almost persuade us to stay home, but groceries must be purchased and libraries must be visited!

Very near our library is the Sally Ann thrift store. When I have a bit of time, like today, I pay a visit. I have made some terrific purchases, but today I only got a belt and a nice black skirt - falls to just below my knees and is spandex for Summer - not tight, but will be great for travelling! The skirt had belt carriers for a large belt and then the design has a large fastening bit - it goes through a carrier as well. Now why would I also put a wide - the carriers are meant for a belt at least 2.5" wide - belt on to emphasize my middle! I will wear the skirt with t-shirts and blouses out probably! Anyway, I came home and carefully removed the carriers (but not the one that the piece of fabric goes through to fasten the skirt with two hooks and eyes! It is now airing on the line. It says to Dry Clean, but it is clean and fresh now and when it needs cleaning, I will carefully hand wash the skirt! All that for $4.49 and if I only wear it a half-dozen times, I am not a lot of money out!

Now why I put the comment about knitting in the thrift store was due to seeing a beautiful handknit cotton sleeveless top in cream lace for $3.49! I tried it on, but the swimmer's upper arms although firm did not do much for the top. It was so beautifully knit and finished that it made me wonder why it was there. On the back it had a label - "Hand Made by Noni". I must admit that Noni made the neck opening more than a little snug, but it could have been fixed by just opening the shoulder seam a titch on each side! How would I feel if someone I gave a knitted piece to put it in the thrift shop bag?

I am currently knitting leg warmers and "Fetching" fingerless gloves for my granddaughters for Christmas. Did I buy the most expensive yarn? NO! I never know with 16 and 13 year old girls just what will be worn and what will languish in the drawer! However, the lime green leg warmers, which two folks loved the colour of, are made from a Superwash Merino and it is wonderful. The leg warmers called for a 4.5mm needle, but they were just too slouchy, even on me, so I dropped down to a 3.5mm needle and they are much better! I will finish off the second one this afternoon and then start on the other pair!

In the photo of the leg warmer that is completed, I made a crocheted string, but that is not going to stay. I will look for some satin coordinating ribbon! The fingerless gloves are being knit in a beautiful merino - one pair red and one pair a deep purple. The second pair of leg warmers will be deep mauve! Now who will get which colour - I think I will wrap them in the same paper and let them choose - they can always switch - their Mom can sort out the arguing!


Blogger Deb said...

Aren't you a busy girl!!!! I have started some Christmas knitting- I made a capelt/bolero thingy from Peony Knits blog for my niece out of Rowan Polar. Took about 1 and a quarter balls, and about 4 tv shows!!!!!

6:49 PM  

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