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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Glad to help!

Here is the page you can go to at Ram Wools, which happens to be in Winnipeg, Manitoba - where I lived for many years - http://www.ramwools.com/onlinecat/spring07/RamSprg07_pages_29_to_32.pdf to view and order the book that has the pattern I am planning to make. The book is back ordered, but you know there is plenty to knit with here at my house, so a bit of a delay is okay by me. Ram Wools also carries Rowan (one of my favourite yarns) and they have some good discounts on their yarns.

I picked up a good book from the library yesterday. It is called "Pause" by Katherine Gibson. I have had the opportunity to hear Katherine speak, as she lives in Victoria, BC. The talk she gave was on de-cluttering your life - I came home and got rid of so many things I had been hanging onto for - well the reason for hanging on had escaped me!! Anyway, this book is about talking time to pause and enjoy the small things in life, the moment, the joy of being alive, etc. It certainly hit a chord with me, as sometimes I can get too busy and forget to stop and smell the roses.

Yesterday, for instance, I volunteered for the music festival. Now this was a very pleasant experience for me, but I learned a few good lessons from the children and some of the poems they recited. First a young Mom and her son, who I have seen at a few productions with the other little boy and his Dad - confusing - there is a Mom, Dad and two little boys! Anyway, she brought in her little boy early, took him up on the stage, (he is 5 years old and this was his first performance) showed him where he would stand, what the lights looked like, what the sides of the stage looked like, and generally made him feel comfortable! This made me think about how many times we rush children - trying to keep to our schedule. We do not always take the time to remember what it was like when we were small in a BIG world! So many times I want to say to hurried parents who do not want to show their children what is up at the adult's level of vision - "How do you think the world looks when you only see feet, knees and crotches!"

The other moment for me was a poem about 'new clothes'. It was about how they make you feel special, shiny, happy, pretty, etc. - then it talked about the 'old clothes' how they make you feel hugged, happy, relaxed, comfortable and they 'know your shape'. It made me think - I love new clothes too, but the old ones do give you a 'hug' when you put them on and that is nice and we all need 'nice'.

I am not sure why some books and people come into our lives when we most need them, but this book is perfect for me just now and I plan to order a copy to keep on my bedside table to 'read at' when I have a few moments! A few bloggers have come into my life in the last months, and perhaps they do not realize how much they stimulate me to think, read and knit or how much I enjoy their work, outlook on life and friendship. Good things, like buses, come to those who wait, the secret is being at the right bus stop! I rode a bus to school and then to work for many years. I know lots of people have an idea that taking the bus is for those not fortunate enough to have a car, but bus riding is great - you don't need to fight the traffic, you are forced to slowdown in your life - you can knit on a bus, read on a bus, listen to music or books on a bus, and best of all people watch on a bus.

Have a great day and ride a bus if you can!!

I just re-read this post to check for errors, etc. and you know what puzzles me, the word 'okay' is underlined as it seems to not be recognized as a word! Go figure, I say! How many times in a day do we say 'Okay!'?


Blogger Karen said...

Without consciously eavesdropping, you can sometimes overhear the funniest conversations on a bus, too.
That book sounds very interesting - I'm going to look it up as I am certainly guilty of keeping too much stuff, but getting better at slowing down and noticing things.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

HI Peg:
I am so glad you are enjoying the book "Pause." It was a joy to write (I'm the author) and it is lovely to hear that others find it inspiring.
All good wishes,
Katherine Gibson

7:43 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

'Okay'? Plenty of times! The book sounds great. I'm in need of letting go of a few things...but I have been working on that 'slowing down' business.
Oh, look, Peg, how exciting that the author left you a lovely comment!

5:32 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

Isn't it just fabulous when the author takes the time to comment. Thanks, Katherine

2:12 PM  

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