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I am a 67 year-old grandmother living on Vancouver Island. I have crocheted, cross-stitched and rug hooked, but I always had yarn on needles. Recently knitting has become my primary hobby!

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hats, Scarves and Vests!

These two little hats - completed in a day and a half - are for the little twin boy and girl that I have made a few sweaters for and since this is their first Halloween, I thought these might be cute. The cotton was on for 40% off in July - who thinks pumpkin hats in July - and I had some green left over from some 'strawberry' hats, I just grabbed up yarn and needles and had fun! I think that if they only wear them for an hour that their parents will still appreciate the effort. Their Daddy looks after our computer, and although we pay him for his work, he always goes above and beyond, and we appreciate that, so a few little hats and sweaters are an easy way to say thanks!

If I had paid full price for the yarn to knit the scarf above, it would be the most expensive scarf to date. The yarn I used is one of the fun yarns that originally sold for $17.95 a ball and I used 3 balls!! It is made by (I think, as the name is obscured by the sale tag) Godlifra - and I saw it in one site called fetuccine, as it is rather flat with a bit of glitz sewn up the middle of this 'unspun' yarn! I got it for $4.50 a ball and it only has 30 metres to the ball! It will be tucked into a Christmas present! It has more orange, brown, rust and gold than the photo shows, and it will be a warm scarf - I cast on 12 st. on a 9mm needle and knit until I ran out of yarn!!

The green scarf below is similar to the orange one that our dog, Isla, modeled for me. She does not think she looks good in green, so I just placed it on the work table! Instead of starting with 80 stitches, I cast on 100 stitches for this one. I think it is a better length for an adult, but it all depends on how long you want the scarf - for decoration, but no real warmth.
This vest was knit from Takhki.Stacy Charles Santa Fe yarn that I enjoyed working with - again bought at a 50% off table. This vest - size XL - does look good with jeans, so what more can you ask of a garment. I also knit the same pattern up in a small size in the same colours as the Rib Warmer Vest below. I like the buttons on the black/grey/cream/brown vests better than the other vest. I find purchasing buttons can be a bit of a trial and do not always look forward to that little shopping expedition - much easier to buy yarn!!
Who said I loved the Rib Warmer Vest pattern? This yarn is 95% Extra Fine Merino Wool and is wrapped with 5% nylon. It is so soft and warm and I know it will get lots of wear this winter. I showed a close up of the button!! That little snip of red on the lower left corner is my MP3 cover. I listen to books and podcasts as I knit - oh yes, I usually have classical music playing in the background.

I did finish the knit of the XO Irish Vest by Cheryl Oberle, but trying to get buttons has not been successful just yet. One of my LYS has some bone and also wood buttons, so I will make a trip there and then show the vest - buttons and all! This vest may not be the project I am most proud of from the point of view of beauty, although it is very nice, but from the point of view of the final cast off - I was over the moon when I cast off the last stitch!! I washed it in Woolite on cold on a gentle cycle and it is so much softer. It has taken two days to dry! As I said, this will be my Irish wind breaker!!


Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I adore those little pumpkin hats! What a marvellously creative mind you have. And I simply have to make a Ribwarmer Vest - I have no excuse, since you so delightfully sent me EZ's book - and followed it up with the codebreaking extra info...

11:29 AM  
Blogger Charity said...

Love the little hats, and the vests look perfect for this time of year!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

You are so prolific. I lvoe the striped scarf, as those are some of my favourite colours. The black and grey rib warmer is striking as well.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

You are such a busy and productive person, Peg, and everything you turn out is lovely!
(My Ribwarmer has been languishing half-done for ages and I've no excuse for not getting back to it).

9:12 AM  
Blogger Mrs J said...

You have been busy! The hats are so cute! The vests are great. I have also 'discovered' audio books and although our local library does not have a huge collection I have had a couple of good 'listens'. Elizabeth Chadwick's 'Greatest Knight' is the current one, although I mainly listen whilst driving to & from work. It is superb if you enjoy 'historical' themes.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

The pumpkins are so sweet!

12:36 PM  

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