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I am a 67 year-old grandmother living on Vancouver Island. I have crocheted, cross-stitched and rug hooked, but I always had yarn on needles. Recently knitting has become my primary hobby!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Am Still Here!

I just wanted to let the people who read the blog know that I am fine. I am busy knitting and trying to put together a music appreciation course for our ElderCollege for the Feb/Mar semester.

I have completed three vests in the past two weeks, but alas no photos. One of the vests was the Irish XO Vest from Cheryl Oberle's book, Folk Shawls! Hooray! Ever had one of those knits that you thought would just never end? I must admit that I had only started it on 8 August this year, but it did seem to go on forever. I am so happy! I was told by a wonderful Irish lady in my LYS the other day that if I gave it a machine wash on gentle with something like Woolite, that it would really soften up. That is how I will block it. A good wash and then a rest on a towel while it dries and blocks!! Then the fun of choosing buttons!!

Oh yes, I finally got my invite to Ravelry. I also listened to a wonderful podcast from Stash and Burn of Jesse and Casey, who started Ravelry. What a success story!!

So you see, I am here, but busy. I do read some blogs, but do not post. Oh yes, in the last few weeks my DH has been putting together a wine course that he gives and that means he needs the computer lots. We only have one car and one computer, so we share. I then can sit and knit and not be distracted by wanting to look through Ravelry. I put in my name for Ravelry, and now I want to change it and am not sure if that will work, but I will try!

Thanks, Ann, for your concern. Life just happens!


Blogger Charity said...

Nice to hear you're well and busy! I was thinking about you. :0)

9:14 AM  
Blogger Mrs J said...

Its good to be busy!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Oh, yes, Ravelry alone has kept me away from blogging, not to mention all the "real life" concerns... I understand. :) Also, thanks for your comment on the beret (I'm still chuckling over that one). I've re-knit it in the smaller size and also went down a needle size. I finished it last night and it looks great now!

11:49 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I've just found you on Ravelry, Peg. You'll have many more F.O.s to put there than I have!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Nan - said...

Are you going to be teaching the music appreciation course? What kind of music? How very thrilling!

3:17 PM  

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